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i have found a big lump on my top gum behind my teeth it is very painfull as any one got any ideas what it cold be


Your mouth is a germ party! With ALL the nooks and crannies filled with food and saliva it is amazing our teeth don't fall out everyday! ;-) When a cyst or lump is near the gums it can usually be traced back to embedded food, that is becoming infected! Try flossing and brushing, and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide and water - to stop infeciton and whosh the food particles out!

If the cyst becomes bigger and starts leaking - you will notice by a REALLY bad taste in your mouth! You will need antibiotics and a doctor to see it! It might need to be excised! Mouth cancer is more prevelant in people that smoke, use chewing tobacco, or drink HEAVILY! So just try and take the best care of your mouth and gums that you can! Hope this helps!