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I’m 14 and a half and I have barely started puberty. I’m not very tall im 5’2. My voice sounds like a 6 year old, I’m chubby I weigh about 130 but it goes up and down maybe up to 2 pounds. I grew a little bit of pubic hair when I was 11 or 12 but it’s not much, its dark but there isn’t a lot of it and it is only around the base of my penis, which hasn’t  grown either, it’s about 2” when erect. I just want to know how to deal with this and if something is wrong with me, I hate being a late bloomer, and to put salt in the wound my stepbrother is like 6 feet tall and has the deepest voice you could ever hear! If there is any way to jumpstart puberty without testosterone supplements I would love to know. I’ve been to the doctor about this a couple of times but all he said was I have nothing to worry about and everything is normal. I know everything is normal but i hate seeing all of the other guys and they have deep voices and are tall and skinny and have to hide their boners all the time and stuff like that, and I’m just sitting there like “hey Timmy how do you bet this level of Mario,” I am also wondering if I am chubby because I eat bad and stuff or if I am preparing for a growth spurt. I’ve had the extra weight for maybe a year now and my dad said that’s about how long he had it. I’m ready to grow but idk if the world is ready for me *sassy hair flip* (plz help me) 


Hi Guest

Your doctor is right there is nothing wrong with you it sounds like you started puberty early It could be just puberty has stalled out or slowed down at the moment.
Being a little overweight will make your penis appear to be smaller if you push in when you measure you will probably find the extra pounds hide it by an inch or two.

Eating bad and more often along with maybe not getting enough exercise is probably the reason your a bit chubby rather than your getting ready to have a growth spurt.

A sensible well balanced diet along with daily exercise will help with dropping a few pounds.
Just eliminating the high calorie junk food and pop and replacing it with healthy snacks along with eating well balanced meals and regular exercise will make a huge difference.
You will get taller, your penis will grow and your voice will change you just need to give it time.
If you decide you want to try eating healthier and start exercising set realistic goals and do your best to stick with it, you don't need to starve yourself just make healthier choices.