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I'm a 17 year old female, I was recently in a car accadent (white out conditions, went into a ditch and hit my head on the steeringwheel) I'm not sure if it is relevent...
Symptoms are...
- consistant migrane either in the front of my head (numb sort of pain) or on the right side of my head (sharp pain) for the past two weeks, (since the accadent)
- memory loss (forgetting my mother's name, what kind of car I drive, where I go to school, how many siblings I have... just thing's you don't forget)
- numbness in my fingers, most recently leg's (comes at random times, stays for random amounts of time) can't feel pain (or anything) in the joints when the numbness occurs
- dizzy spells usually fallowed by fatigue
- major lack of energy, also get very weak
- black out for random amouts of time at random times, can't remember what I was doing five minutes ago, or how I got from upstairs to outside
- Get extreamly tiered, have a extreamly hard time falling asleep though
- Heart beat goes from unusually slow to racing by moving slightly

Went to a ciropractor who said there was a major missalignment in my neck which looks similar to major whiplash, but that doesn't explain my symptoms I don't think..?

Thank you if you reply with even a little help, I'm getting kind of worried it's serious as it worsens.


This seems like something you might want an professional to look at even if someone on here gives you their opinion. I say this because these are serious symptoms. Try going to a general physician and see what they have to say. I would go as soon as possible with your random blackouts and numbness. Has the chiropractor said anything about realigning the neck? Is he going to be able to do this?


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nice advice gatoraide! i too reccomend seeing a doctor. while missalignment of your spine can cause a lot of these symptomes it wouldnt hurt to get an exam and possibly a CT scan to make sure you dont have any bleeding in your brain. did you go to the hospital after your accident and did you have a CT then. if so was it normal?

thanks and good luck