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Aniexty is taking over my life, basically. And I'm only 18. I shouldn't be going through half the things I go through, or think about half the things I think about.

It all started when I started a full course work o f college classes last month. On top of that i'm going through fire school and emt school. Which is for four months three days a week at night and all day saturday. I have no job, or main source of income anymore to keep my self happy with.

One Saturday evening my head started to hurt and my right side went numb. Being the health care professional I plan to be, I thought of the worse.
We went to the hospital, and they took a cat scan and everything was a-okay. No tumors, masses, or blood clots.

With that reassurance they let me out and I went home.

Ever since than I haven't been the same. I can't concentrate, I still get the headaches.. and my sides go numb from time to time. My tounge feels swolllen and it feels like i can't swallow anything but i still have my appetite.. I keep on thinking I still have something seriously wrong with me when all my test came back postivie and the Cat scan was clear. I feel like crying for no reason sometimes, and i'm just not the same person I was before I started doing all my college classes :$

Please can anyone help me?
I'm desperate.


You have symptoms of mental and physical exhaustion. Being a full time college student and attending fire school and emt school at the same time is really too much. You are already showing signs of burnout. If you continue like this, you likely will not do well in any of your academic pursuits. To be successful, you have to make a choice.

To me, EMT school is the best choice. Being in the health care profession, the job pays well and is recession-proof. In this global recession, being a college graduate nowadays is no longer guarantee that you will get a job, despite what your forebear may have told you. I have known too many college grads who are now doing blue collar work that needs little or no training. Being a college grad does have its rewards. Better educated people tend to take better care of themselves, enjoy better health and live longer than less educated people. Being a fire fighter has the least job security of all. When city budget is tight, fire fighting positions are amongst the first to be eliminated.

My advise is , attend EMT school first, get certified and then work full time as an EMT technician. While you are fully employed, you can attend college part-time during your off hours. This way you will have job satisfaction, job security and the opportunity to advance yourself academically, in addition to some free time for your social life. You can attend EMT school and Fire school at the same time if this is not too overwhelming for you.