im haing pregnancy symptoms but negative test since for 3 weeks and 3 days now . had my period on oct 18.-oct ( 20) last three days . it was very light ( couldnt fill up a pad) been having pregnancy symptoms . home pregnancy test came back negative . so i went to doc and it also came back negative in urine and blood . doctor said there was nothing wrong with me AT ALL and i personally feel like i wouldnt go to the doctor specially if im not hurting so there has to be something wrong with me . he diagnosed me with ACUTE ABDOMINAL ! And then handed me papers on all about it . it only last 3DAYS . ive been hurting for 3 weeks now ! my back hurts , nauseated , bloating . fatigue ALOT . headaches . a normal trip to the store is so tiring . stomach discomfort . including sharp pains and cramping . after my period these symptoms continued now its november /10 is here and my period is on AGAIN ! i didnt expect it to come 4 DAYS early . ( expected date was Nov 15) i dont know what to do ... im shouldnt be feeling like this if nothing wrong ? has anyone been through what ive been through and have been pregnant ???? plz help im reaching my sanity bc no one believes me . or understanding how im feeling . i feel HORRIBLE im never like this my husband noticed that im constantly hungry . every hour he hear my stomach growling . i feel like im going crazy pls help