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Ok, I had my period on June 3rd. Now on the 27th until now I've been having cramps and just having the feeling that I getting my period. The same symptoms I always have when I'm about to start my period nothing new. And about 10mins ago I got a little bit of spotting. But nothing heavy. Which usually doesn't happen during my period, the first day is always the heaviest for me.

But I'm also having a bit of a pregnancy worry right now. From something that happened on the 13th of June that was kind of like unprotected sex. Except I ddn't have sex and when my boyfriend ejaculated he didn't do it inside my vagina but pretty close to it. So when I got what I'm thinking is my period I was really happy. But now that I only had that little spot of blood and still nothing else I'm starting to worry again. Because I know that cramps and spotting can be pregnancy symptoms. And I also know that my period shouldn't be starting until next month.

So do you think this is my period and I'll get some heavier bleeding later or should I be going out to buy a pregnancy test?

Any help would be great, Thanks


Hi honey! You are NOT pregnant! Sperm cant swim over skin, and they start dying as soon as they are exposed to air! And for a sperm - that we cant see - for him/her to go up the vagina is VERY difficult - thus sperm needing to be ejaculated through the cervix. Also remember that there are only 30 days in June! so this would put you at 26 days after your last period - which is fine! Some times you might be early and some times a little late. So just relax honey and I'm sure your period will come on like it usually does any day now!