Firstly I'm 20years old, I have PCOS (undiagnosed) and have irregular periods at least every month tho and do spot between periods, no children yet but TTC naturally :). I have recently lost a little over 15lbs maybe more now. My last period was 28th July - 12th aug, I have spotting on the 21st aug, then on the 24th/25th I think I ovulated ( had cramps from my left ovary and EWCM ) all 3days after suspected O, I had slight cramps with some spotting not much tho, today is 8dpo, after a 30min workout I sat down and felt as if I was going to pass out and felt very sick, but that went away after a while and after eating something, then a few hours later I had a dull aching pain around my hips to my lower back that lasted around 10mins or so, went to the bathroom and noticed more spotting on tissue (was a little red blood) checked again half hour after and no blood and just now (say an hour after) there is I'd say pink on the toilet paper, has anybody had this maybe even with pcos and got a positive test later on? Sorry for the paragraph lol thanks :)