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I had some light spotting today it was a pinkish color. I thought i was getting my period at first but this has never happened to me. It's always heavier. And it was just a little spot then nothing else. I'm starting to worry because I think I might be pregnant. So is their a chance I'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be the same as usual?


I can't say that honey! If you give me some more information I can help you further!

1. When was your last period?
2. When did you have unprotected sex?
3. When is your period expected?
4. Are your cycles usually regular and what length are they? eg. 28, 29 etc. days?

Also when I say unprotected I mean without ANY birth control - including the pill! and I need actual dates!


bambi27, you can find all the info about my problem under pregnancy>Could I be pregnant?>I think I might be pregnant from "anal sex" Am I having symptoms or is it just in my head? Thanks for helping me. And yes my periods are usually regular.


It's impossible to get pregnant through anal sex! the sperm HAS to be in the vagina! IF that's all you did you are in NO way pregnant! the rectum/colon is another organ all together! Why would you think you could be pregnant from anal sex? I'm confused!


bambi27, I know I didn't really think that you could! Butt i heard so many stories (alot of them here) about people getting pregnant that way. Sowmthing about it sliding down into the vagina. Some people even said they got pregnant from sprem getting on their stomach. And it really had me worried. But I think I'm okay because I got some more bleeding a few minutes ago and it's a draker color it's red so I'm taking this as a good sign. I was really confused too. I still am actually.  But thanks, I've just spent all my teenage life so far trying to be careful and not do anything to hurt my parents. And I was just going to be so upset if i did get pregnant. But I still won't even do what I did again without a condom. Because these last few weeks have not been fun.

Thank you so much for your help.



You're welcome honey! Even with ALL the sex ed classes and tv and movies etc. Getting pregnant and sexual health information seems to have gone backwards! I am hearing things today that I heard when I was a teenager - which was a while ago LOL 

These are the facts of pregnancy - just for your information

1. The ONLY natural way to get pregnant is IF live sperm is at least in the vaginal canal, and you have produced an egg OR are about to produce an egg. As sperm can live for several days inside the uterus and tubes, and female sperm are the strongest and can out swim and out survive male sperm.

2. Even though most of the time you ovulate - release an egg - 14 days before you next period, this can change IF you are stressed, been ill, on medications, or just wonky hormones.

3. There are 1 million sperm in each ejaculate. You can NOT see them with the naked eye nor does a boy know if there are any on his penis, unless he has not masturbated in over 2 days, and has since had a bath, shower, and urinated. There still CAN be sperm in precum - usually not BUT there is always the MIGHT BE!

4. You can get pregnant at ANY time through your cylce - 1 the egg might have been released earlier or later

5. All sperm needs is to get into the vaginal canal EVEN IF the boy puts the unprotected head of the penis inside the opening of your vagina, it will be harder for the sperm, but they still CAN get you pregnant, even if he hasn't ejaculated or it has only been for a second!

6. Sperm start dying off as soon as they are released - this includes when they touch air or water. They can NOT swim through hair, water or on skin! They don't have a honing device, outside of the vagina! When they are inside they know to get to the tubes and the egg ASAP!

7 You CAN still get pregnant when you are on your period - as this might have a lot to do with hormones and not ovulation!

8. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a condom - don't try for a second without it!

9. You can STILL catch an STI/STD even using a condom - the STI's are Herpes, Genital Warts, HPV and of course Crabs!

10 The morning after pill has the same success rate as birth control pills it is 99% effective as long as it is taken within 72 hours of your accidentental unprotected sex. Women STILL an be prengnat after using the pill!

IF you have anymore questions please feel free to ask OK? Good luck honey!