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2 weeks late for period. Neasuea headaches moodswings lowerback pain light spotting 3 days after missing my period food cravings/aversions/decrease appetite painful sex pain in my lower abdomen pooping like 4-5 times a day increase in cervical mucus decrease sex drive forgetfulness/confusion ive taken many HPT and they are all neg, (me and my fiance are TTC and had sex almost everyday last month) i also just gave birth to a baby in january 2014. could something be really wrong with me or do you think i could still be pregnant??


Hi Haven,


Sounds suspicously like pregnancy symptoms but you are getting negative HPT results.  If you test again use the first pee of the day, wake up pee for the most accurate result and if that still gives you a neg then make a appointment with your GP as it might be time to get a more further investigation done.  Blood panel including pregnancy and internal swabs to see if there is anything that needs testing.


I always say you know your body best, I knew when I was pregnant both times before a test could tell me and my own doctor.  Good luck and hope this helps some