So here is my story!

I had tummy tuck and BA in Venezuela back in January '07.

About two weeks ago I noticed some red swelling in a small part of my incision area. Hubby took a look at it and eventually helped the puss come out. After treating it with neosporin and peroxide it seemed to have subsided. Low and behold it seems to be forming again along with another incision area forming the exact same thing.

A month ago I scheduled an appointment (on 9/15/08) for a consultation with a PS here in the states for lipo of my abs and flanks (this was before the stitch abscess thing appeared.

Although I don't think the stitch abscess is not too serious (as of yet) I'm hoping that this will not deter this surgeon from wanting to perform any future surgeries on me. I have been doing research on stitch abscesses and I see that it is more common than I thought.

My question is do you think this surgeon will even want to see me as I did have my PS in another country. I am trying not to freak out as it is really not very painful yet. It's just so dreading to think that after all of this time complications still can occurr.

P.S. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and I have had no other complications other than this stich abcess.

I appreciate any feedback from you guys.