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TT w/full muscle repair and lipo (Jan 2014)everything looked great ( constipation, bloat and tenderness a problem since po day 1)  until I was 6 months post op. That was when all the swelling had subsided, and I was able to do a sit up without being in severe pain! My skin above the incision line is just as loose/bumpy as it was before surgery. I have gained 4 pounds( seems to be mostly weight gain in my back and thighs) , and still cannot stand to wear jeans ( or anything pushing on my belly button), my pants are always falling down when I walk ( almost like I have no hips to hold them up) . MY PS says he wants to revise the surgery ," shoulda took more skin and dI'd more lipo" he says now! Scared to proceed, think I'll have more problems! 

I feel like I was a typical case, mother of two, had excess skin from pregnancies and weight loss. Im 5'2 was 121 pounds the day before surgery now 125( which is so agrivateing to me!) I feel like I look bigger now?!

disappointed, very expensive surgery, very long recovery -- this can't be my final results! Hope someone will have experienced the same problems and maybe have some answers?


I think I look worse too! Did you ever do anything else? My PS took too much skin I still feel pulling and having a hard time standing up 5 months po and still in pain. Am bloated and distended all the time and in pain still. Can you share how things have gone for you?