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My sister was suffering with cold since her child hood.
My parents showed her to doctors and took normal medication.
She suffered a lot with this.
She used to get fever every day,with severe cough and cold.
Now she is 25.
A year back we showed her to the specialist and found that her case became very critical.
The problems suffered by her were she was not fine with hearing,her breathing levels decreased and she suffered severe body aches and fever.
The doctors detected that a bone was grown in her nose and they suggested for operation.
With in depth diagnosis they detected other typical, she has phelm effected lungs,and found that her ears , lungs were filled with phelm and found that its reaching the brain.
The Anesthesia specialist rejected to give anesthesia to her due to risk at last after a month delay she got operated for nose and ears.
Doctors gave only 50% guar.
But my sister dared for that for not bearing the prob.
Doctors said it was a typical operation but finally succeeded,we were said that more than a mug quantity of phelm was removed from ears and nose.
This phelm is extremely thick.
But later they found still more is existing and it damaged 20% of both the lungs.
And they said she would be suffering through out her life.
Recently they detected blood in lungs,before operation they found the lungs shrunk.
We are very very much bothered .
The operation was performed by famous specialist (ENT).
And three months she has undergone severe painfull cleaning.
This is the prob we are looking for best solution.
We would be very thank full helping us to solve this,can any one suggest any best herbal medicines with out side effects or can refer any specialists

Thankl u


Well I would say that an ear/nose/throat doctor would be best for her to get treatment. I am sure it's not a cold, but it is something that could be a problem like bronchitis or something like that. Are you able to get her to see one like that? What location are you in?