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Well basically, i'm 17 and ive been in a relationship for 7months now. Me and my boyfriend are VERY SEXUALLY ACTIVE (although unprotected for the past 3/4 months.. I'm on the implant though) Just gonna explain my situation

Basically, got my implant in July 2011, shortly after i got with my boyfriend. I had regular periods (once a month for 7 days), my periods were heavy and caused me alot of pain, like so much I couldnt go into school,  couldnt get out of bed and barely move. Painkillers didnt help in the slightest. Because of the heaviness and the pain, I went on the pill at 14 to lighten my periods and make them less painful, and it worked. However because i am so forgetful I thought it'd be easier getting the implant, so i did.

My periods were very regular even on the implant til a couple of months ago. Since then, i was on (really lightly or spotting) for 9 weeks, and off for 6. Because of i'd been having unprotected sex, had sore boobs, was eating alot more, peeing alot more, lost a stone in 3 weeks, my emotions were always on edge, was so tired, had alot of fluttery movements in my stomach and i didnt feel like right, i knew there was something wrong with me (and of course not having a period) I wanted to see if I was pregnant, because quite frankly, i would be screwed if i was. One friday, I had a urine pregnancy test and it was negative and the nurse told me that my periods had stopped altogether and i wouldnt get another for 2 and a half years. Although i read on alot of websites that the hormone the implant releases makes false readings. I then met a girl who was on the implant, and got pregnant. She had all the exact symptoms that i did, so i was worrying like a b***h! So i booked a second pregnancy test with my GP on the following monday which too, come back negative. 

Monday evening i came on what i thought was a period, but there was no pain whatsoever? And it wasnt the usual reddy-brown colour ive always had, its like a bright cherry red! This has lasted almost a month. It's not always there, with my periods i'd constantly bleed through every minute of the day, like it was horrendous, but this, i wont bleed for a good 8 - 10 hours, then id just feel it come out!

I was wondering, if i've suffered from a miscarriage? I dont have a clue about this!

Any answers will be much appreciated xx


I hope someone can help! I know how you feel. I'm terrified I'm having a miscarriage.