Three women developed kidney failure after receiving butt-enhancing injections at an unlicensed clinic in North Carolina. Besides the fact that the facility was unlicensed, the person administering the shots was untrained and not medically supervised. The investigators haven’t yet determined what exactly was in the injections.

All three women heard about the facility through Internet chat rooms. Luckily, all of the women recovered but their experiences highlight the potential risks of getting cosmetic procedures at unlicensed facilities with untrained personnel.

It is crucial to ask for the credentials of the person who will be providing the service, look at labels, educate oneself about the products, the potential risks, and learn about the whole procedure just like you would do for any other medical care.

Numerous women are undergoing different cosmetic surgery procedures every day and this is not the first time such side effects occurred when the procedure was done by an unlicensed practitioner. Some have even resulted in death.

The first of the three women was a 42-year-old woman from the District of Columbia who, within 30 minutes of receiving the second injection started suffering a headache, vomiting, and reported that her urine resembled "purple blood." She arrived at an emergency room in Maryland with acute kidney failure. She was hospitalized for 10 days but has since recovered. The second case was a 26-year-old Illinois woman who had developed a headache, nausea, and had urine that she said was "burgundy" in color. She was found to be in acute kidney failure, underwent dialysis for five weeks but also recovered. The third woman, 26 years old and from Maryland, developed abdominal pain as well as lightheadedness and nausea after being injected. She was hospitalized for two weeks and had to undergo dialysis, but she, too, recovered.

After investigation and inspection of the facility, the substance injected was purported to be silicone oil, but it was impossible to confirm this. However, silicone oil has not previously been linked to kidney failure, so it's very likely another substance was present.

The practitioner was not licensed to conduct these procedures and did not have training or supervision and was therefore arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license. Earlier this year, the facility itself was prohibited from administering any injections.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that the only approved fillers for derriere augmentation are a patient's own fat cells, harvested and then re-injected, or hard silicone forms specifically devised for enhancement.

There are many horror stories associated with getting liquid injections by different unlicensed practitioners like hairdressers in local hotel rooms. When thinking about performing any complex procedure, it I crucial to select a board-certified physician in a facility that is an operating room and not someone in an office whose training you have no understanding of.