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theres a possibility that im pregnant and if i am i want to get an abortion..
but i want to keep it from my mom because i dont want her to be dissapointed in me..but im not sure if thats even possible..
so if it is possible, is there any clinics near visalia CA that do that?


I had an abortion when I was 19, I am now in my late 30s. I had the abortion because I was too scared to tell my parents.  I came from a prominant family and was raised being told I would be disowned if I were to get pregnant.  Also, I worked in the health insurance industry and had direct contact with patients and their medical records. There are MANY potential side affects to abortion. Speaking for myself, I started to have endometriosis due to the scar tissue and infections resulting from the abortion. This was difficult because it has caused me to have a life long battle with acne, weight, irregular very heavy periods, but more seriously it caused me to have many many urniary tract infections and kidney infections. 5 years after the abortion I ended up in the hospital with lungs full of blood clots due to the birthcontrol I was taking to make sure I didn't have to go through another abortion.  While in the hospital I had a lower GI done and it was found that the ongoing infections over the past 5 years since the abortion resulted in me losing full functioning of one kidney and more than 1/2 the function of the other. In retrospect, I look back with shame and guilt realizing that I aborted a baby out of fear that I could have had, and would have been able to raise.  I was just too full of doubts and surrounded by social pressure, then of course the fear of my parents. The mental side effects have been horrible for me. I attempted to stop the abortion just as it was beginning and the doctor began yelling at me and then had the nurse strap me to the table so I would be still. I finally gave up fighting and laid there listening to the suction ripping my baby apart and out of me as I watched a container fill like a vacume.  He basically butchered me and I have dealt with years of side affects as a result that will cause me to die in the next few years. This was all done at a high end clinic on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  The procedure has not really changed at all since then.  I think the hardest part of all this was learning how badly my baby's dad was affected by my abortion too.  We reunited a few years ago and I learned he also went through bouts of suicide and depression that caused him to have to be hospitalized.  

Now on a professional level I had contact with many women and continued to care for them over a long period of years to see enabling me to see how their lives unfolded after having had one, or multiple abortions. Every single women who I worked with who had two or more abortions ended up infertile and paying gross amounts of money to go through infertility treatments once they finally found the right guy. For many it caused their marriages to fall apart.  They had several miscarriages and were left very damaged. I also found that patients who used IUDs, such as Mirana, for birthcontrol experienced similar issues. 

Each of us is uniquely created. No two people are alike. Most of us have dormant medical conditions that are undiagnosed. When we go into procedures so incredibly damaging to the body as an abortion, it stirs up all sorts of side affects. The scarring it leaves behind can induce all sorts of serious medical problems, most recently it is being linked to cancer.  Medical professionals would like to believe that this procedure is safe. Imagine being the doctor or nurse that goes to work every day to abort masses of babies, and at times has a patient die during the procedure. Of course they are going to believe the procedure is safe, they consciously have to in order to keep doing what they do. The abortion doctors also do not usually have to deal with the side affects, and most always once a women leaves the abortion clinic she does not return for follow up ob/gyn care. Think of the type of man or woman that becomes an abortion doctor and who does this procedure over and over for days and years. Imagine the mental state of the doctors who are conducting late term abortions.  Out of fairness to your baby, learn exactly how the procedure is done by conducting your own online investagtion.  Do not take the word of an abortion clinic.  Do you think they really care about you? Do you think they take every possible precaution? No, they usually don't, you are just money in the bank, in and out within two hours. In fact, recently the abortion doctors and nurses were rallying trying to have a bill past in the government to eliminate many of the governments minimal requirements on them. I have two live children now, but not a day goes by that I wonder what my baby would have looked at, that I don't look back with regret knowing it would have been ok, and when people ask me how many children I have, my heart screams in pain desperately wanting to say 3.  I wish you the best in your life, but I will warn you that you will most definitely have issues in the future. Everything in life has a balance, and when you end a life there is a side affect to that. Please note, I was supportive of the abortion practice until I learned more about it, especially having had learned that I will be lucky to live another 15 years.