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OK, so for a little while now (about 2 week or so) when i am in a low down position, such as squatting, i have been feeling a burning sensation in my cervix. It feels like a stretching and burning sensation and i feel like my baby is pushing down hard. I have also been feeling sharp pains in my cervix when standing, sitting or when i try to get out of my seat. So i searched up on the internet and not much came up other than that it could mean my cervix is beginning to soften and dilate. So im getting a bit nervous now, and i search up how to check for cervical dilation myself- i also checked that it was safe to do so seeing as i dont want to go into premature labour or harm myself or the baby!
So i checked for cervical dilation and if im right i am 2cm dilated- with room for more... 
Im going to check this out with my mw next week at my appointment but im just wondering, is this normal and what does it mean?

(probably isn't relevant, but...) 
*for further information:
- My baby is already measuring at 34 weeks by u/s scan (2 weeks ahead) (she weighs 4lbs 7oz already :-) )
- My EDD by scan and last period are 4 weeks apart eh


Oh dear. I don't know where you saw it is safe to check your own cervix, but it is not ! At least not during pregnancy. First, there are a host of things you can introduce up there, and secondly what would you have done if you had accidentally swiped too hard? That is what OBs do when they sweep your membranes to help with the thinning and effacement.

That pain - where it feels like the baby is just kicking the heck out of your cervix .. and pressure! Oh, I remember hun... It's definitely a normal pain of pregnancy. Also, it could be an infection. You could have a UTI.

Please, don't check it again. Let the dr/mw check for you. Even they generally don't check until AT LEAST 36-37 weeks. Also, there is a really good chance you were not feeling your cervix . The mechanics of getting around a big belly for one don't allow for that. At this stage of pregnancy, your cervix is , or should be , very high up.

Now, effacement and dilation are completely normal at this point - so it is possible you are doing this. Keep in mind that you can be this way for several weeks.. and some don't dilate until the worst of the labor pains come. So, keep active if ok with MW and your labor will probably be smooth.

Regarding baby size, it is just an estimate, unless you have had a biophysical profile done on the baby. I know this because I had one done when my baby was 36 weeks and I had to deliver early due to complications. And, even that isn't absolutely correct, it is just SUPER close (baby estimated at 5 1/2 and she was -5 days later- 6lb 11oz). Your EDD may differ from LMP and U/S for many reasons, a common one being when ovulation and conception actually occured. :)

If you have any of the warning signs of labor please call your MW immediately or go to the emergency department at the hospital.

Good luck!