As I mentioned in my previous post I'm currently pregnant, and I have passed my due date and also I'm over worried and concerned. Just like I mentioned my LMP was on May 16th, my due date was estimated on the 2/19, but I did an ultrasound at 18 weeks on 9/20 and ultrasound estimated my due date a week earlier on 2/17. My bump dropped as early as 35 weeks, 36 weeks my gynecologist did a pelvic exam and said baby had dropped and she could feel the head, though my cervix was still soft and 75% effaced, but I'm now 40 weeks and 6days no signs of labor, I went for another ultrasound on the 2/20 and the technician said no progress and that my cervix was still closed, I got more discouraged as I want a natural virginal birth without complications so my gynecologist has scheduled my induction on 2/26 when I'm 41 weeks. My mum still wants me to wait longer and thinks I miscalculated or baby is just too big but I'm very certain of my LMP because I got my period right after the day of my graduation. All I feel is discomfort when walking, pelvic pressure, leg cramps and frequent bathrooms breaks but nothing more. I have been more active the past few weeks towards my duedate; swimming, walking, squats but I don't know why no progress until now. Any advice, is this Normal? Getting tired of being pregnant. Also this is my second child as my first is 6 years, and I was also induced and it was virginal birth too.