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 i had my miscarriage on 20th june this year n now its August 7th n am still bleeding on n off...last month i bleeded heavily n i guess it was my regular period n after that am still bleeding on n everything ok..?? or there is some problem..??? plz help as am unable to understand whats happening with it normal to bleed after so many days of miscarriage...???

plz reply


waiting for ur reply


Hi Saba,

Did you see your doctor after the miscarriage? There may be some tissue remaining.

Please see your doctor for an exam.


thnx for ur reply..


n yeah i referred 2 doctor said ke there is need for  cleaning n other doctor said ke no need of i havent done my cleaning.... but am still bleeding....

whatz the problem wid me...???





You need an exam to be certain but it sounds like there is some tissue remaining. It may clear on its own, or it may not.

I'd go back to the first doctor and ask about the "cleaning." I assume he means what we call a "dilation and curettage." Basically they dilate your cervix then go in and then clean up the wall of your uterus.

It has the advantage that they'll also have a first-hand look to identify where the bleeding may be coming from.

It's a very common procedure.

Hope it helps. Keep us posted.