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Yesterday I took to pregnancy test and both were positive. But as I was wiping there was a substantial amount of blood. I had to wipe several times. And there was two large clots. One the size of a quarter, the other the size of a dime and little fragments. I continued to bleed the rest of the day, but no more clots. I bled like it was the end of my period this morning, then now it's completely gone. I've had constant cramping. Its just a dull ache cramp across my entire abdomen. I took another test this morning to see if maybe my hcg levels May of went down but the lines hadn't changed enough to tell a difference. I read that it can take weeks for the hcg levels to go down. I've scheduled an appt But the earliest I could get in was Aug 6th. Idk if this was a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage or if I'm still pregnant.


Hi KayB,

You are/were very likely pregnant.  False positives are very rare.

Did you have a miscarriage?  We can't know for sure.  You can have some bleeding/cramping early in pregnancy.

It can take several weeks for the hcg levels to drop low enough not to show.  You need two "quantitative" test, which reveals the actual levels of hcg to determine if it rising or falling.  A "qualitative" test such as a urine test that just shows pregnant or not.

See your doctor.  Good luck.