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It's been 7w 2days since my lmp, after my period was 14 days late I did a hpt and got a positive that was on the 30th of march that same night I started bleeding a brownish colour but it was only a very small amout, on the 31st it had the we into a dark red and I started getting cramps I went to the hospital and they did a preg test and confirmed I was pregnant felt my stomach and said they thought it was a miscarriage and ask me to go back on the 3rd of April, I went back and had a u/s which showed I had a pregnancy sack but it was only 5mm so they couldn't see what was going on inside because it was so small so they did blood test which came back that my hcg levels was only at 10, they asked me to go back on the 10th of April, but now my bleeding and cramping have both stopped and as far as I no the sack hasn't come away...........


Hi Guest,

Possibly.  Miscarriages are common and can appear as a late period.

Go back for the test on the 10th.  There are two types of pregnancy tests.  The first is a "qualitative test."  It only determines IF hCG is present, this is the common home type of urine test.  The second, a "quantitative test" can tell the actual amount of hCG using a sample of blood.

HCG rises rapidly during pregnancy.  The numbers should go up, significantly.

5 mm is very small, you may not even notice if the sack was expelled in any blood.  A pencil is about 6mm in diameter.

Good luck.