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Can some one help me because i took so many pregnancy test and they all came out positive then i went to da doctor and they said that i wasent pregnant wat can cause that


Hi guest,

Assuming you are using the tests correctly then it would be highly unusual for you to have a false positive result.

The tests respond to the presence of hCG in your urine, it is a qualitative test.  If it's there then you are pregnant.  hCG is made by the placenta

Some women do take hCG, usually for weight loss.  If that is true in your case it can give a false result.

Your doctor can also do what is called a quantitative test.  In this case they measure the level of hCG.  Repeating the test about a week later would indicate if it is rising or not.  If it is increasing, odds are you are pregnant.

Talk to your doctor.  They should be able to explain all the positive results.