Hello everyone.Let me say, I have learned the most info on my condition through all of your posts.Thanks to all for your help and insight. I suffered a lisfranc fracture and 2nd,3rd metatarsal fractures on 6/12/2007.My 665lb motorcycle fell onto my foot.My surgery was performed 6 days later due to the amount of swelling I had. Anyway, all I know is I got a screw, plate, pins and kwires in my foot.Dec I will have everything removed except the plate so im told. My question to anyone that can help me is I have so much tingling in my big toe, arch of foot and sometimes at night all my toes just hurt.Its weird cause at times(like right now) it avhes on the bottom of my foot almost in the middle, below the ball of my foot.Also my ankle is totally numb on the inside of said foot. Have any of you experienced this and will it go away??? I have 2 more weeks of non weight bearing and im sooo scared at the thought of what its going to feel like when I can put weight on it.Any insight would be so appreciated.We all are part of a rarity with this type of injury arent we?? Thanks.have a great day!!!!