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Hello there,

By accidently I have heard that my husband was talking to some guy, I think that he was talking with this best friend, on the phone. I have heard that he is preparing me a big birthday party, and it should be surprise. It will be pool party, and all our friends are invited. Of course, there will be professional photographer. I am terrified! I don’t want this because I am fat and I can’t get into my swimming suit that easy!

My sister told me that I should try Anti – estrogenic diet, because some of her friends lost a lot of pounds on this diet program.

How much weight can you lose with Anti – estrogenic diet?


Hello darling,

I really hate those surprises :) lol. I have to say that I haven’t tried this anti – estrogenic diet program. I wanted, but I just didn’t. Always some other diet program was better solution for me. My ex roommate would rate this diet program as one of the best that she ever tried. She was following it for 5 months and she lost 17 kilograms. She told me that this is one health way of eating and cleaning your organism.

If you want you should try it.

Maybe I will try it one day and I will tell you what do I think about it lol 



Hi there,

Baby, thank you so much. It is encourage that you can lose your weight. I am not sure, I mean, I don’t believe that I will be able to lose so many pounds until the party, but I am sure that I will try. Good help me! :/

I have to say that I am really scared and I know that I have heard some really good stories about Anti – estrogenic diet program, and I am really willing to try this one. I will see what will happen, so wish me luck!

Because, now I really need to do something about my weight!