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Pregnancy after iud mirena?
I got it removed 1st september and bleed on the 2nd heavy for 4 days then 2 days light just like a period, have been trying for baby #2 and periods are late. Can i still become pregnant even though i haven't got my periods yet? I was fertile and i had the stringy discharge to tell me this and my doctor said i'm fertile at that stage but just not any periods this month. neg home tests.


If I understand you correctly, following IUD removal, you had a period, essentially, and since that point you have not had any further renewal of your periods?

In theory, as soon as ovulation resumes, you can get pregnant again, so that had you resumed ovulation immediately after that first period, then you may have been lucky, and be already pregnant. You don't note any symptoms however, and home tests are negative, so it suggest not at the moment.

Ultimately, what you're really asking is the expected recovery of your body after IUD removal, and that's a bit specialist for me at least. Perhaps you may care to raise it in 'contact us' / Ask Expert, google online for articles on the subject, or go back and ask a doctor or at a clinic.

If the doctor says you're fertile and you confirm it, then that pretty much answers that aspect, so the only real question is whether the rhythm or frequency of periods can be knocked out by IUD removal. That, ultimately, is the question I would ask the doctor, or research online.

Sorry I can't be of more help.