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Hello. I have been on the Depo Provera for the past three years. Fortunately there were no pregnancies, but I've gained 40 lbs despite being an avid jogger and health-focused vegetarian. I have been always interested in anything low in hormones or hormone free, especially with this new battle against the weight. The only choice that I'm seeing on the market is the IUD (Paragard). I've been reading up on quite a few horror stories and am slightly afraid that might occur with me. Please give me your experience and insight if this may be the right choice for me. Oh - I was also wondering if the women who had the IUD where either new to Birth Control or if they jumped from something similar to Depo and whatnot.

- 21 yrs.
- No children.
- Mediocre pain tolerance.
- Had excruciating pain for the first 3 months of Depo.
- Natural periods were 3- 5 days.

If that helps.



I am 22 and recently got the paragard(2 weeks ago) it was painful getting it put in. But after wasnt bad I stopped and got a few groceries then went home and went to bed. When I woke up I was in quite a bit of pain, I went and got the prescription for tramadol filled that my OBGYN gave to me. The first couple days after I experienced some bleeding and camping. Four days after insertion I began to feel better. So far I havent had a period yet, but I have noticed that I spot after sex.(only had sex twice since insertion) Lately I have been feeling some vaginal irritation at times but I think its from wearing pads so much lately. Im afraid to go with out one until I get more familiar with how my bosy will react.