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I am now on day 9 of being off of Lortabs for 3 years. The first 3 days were hell on earth, but then I started to feel better. I have been attending NA meetings daily and usaully feel great afterwords and today was no different. This evenin though I just got into a depressed state, not that I want to use again but just that my positive attitude has faltered. s this normal?


GOOD FOR YOU :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
I love to hear success stories.
You may have faltered, but the key element here is...YOU DIDN'T DO IT!!!
How great is that???
You have the where with all to know better now.
There will be times when you get set back, and that is perfectly okay.
Stumbling and staggering while trying to recover is normal. You just have to hold on so you don't fall.
My daughter is a serious addict, and my heart just breaks a little more everyday.
I can only pray that God is holding her and protecting her, as she wants no advice or help from us, trust me, i have tried.

I am so happy for you and keep it up. I only wish that i was giving my girl advice to.


Glad to hear you are hanging in there.I am now clean 41 hours 15 minutes off of a serious Oxy habit. I feel like heck but you inspired me. Maybe we all need to ask ourselves/ why do we use opiates, drink to much booze(those of us that do) and do other destructive behaviour. Get to the reason and work on those issues. Being 'straight' is scary and boring for millions of people. Maybe the human species has an addictive personality, generally. Peace to you and best results on lifes ventures. Also, my therapist once said this to me years ago: 'when we stop a bad behaviour, replace it with a new behaviour. This new behaviour does not have to be destructive. ie, join a gym, pick your nose, get new hobbies, eat different foods etc.....


BBfeet here, How are you doing. As of 5/28 you were 9 days straight.

Are you going to your meetings?

Please let us know how you are doing, i would love to know.

If you need to talk, someone is always here to help and listen.

Warm regards to you