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Are you ready to find out the truth behind many or all of your preconceived notions on what cardiovascular exercise can do for you?
Somehow making their way into the mainstream, many of the ideas and beliefs of working out and especially cardiovascular workouts couldn't be farther from the truth. With misinformation, you may be working yourself to the bone, but not getting anywhere. If you are not getting the results you'd expect from your workouts then something is missing. Are you following a practice just because your friend told you it should work, or are you basing your workouts on tried and true scientific methods? Here are a few of the most popular myths around cardio exercise. 

Myth 1: “Cardio can make you thin”

This is likely the most common of myths that you will hear around the gym. Let put this one to rest right away. Cardio exercise does not make you thin! Thinness will be 85% the result of diet, and just 15% based on physical activities. Cardio is an exercise of the cardiovascular system, where the lungs work together with the heart to transport oxygen to needy cells.

Myth 2: “Low-intensity Cardio burns fat better than high-intensity workouts”

Another idea that is tossed around has stemmed from charts that you can easily find around the gym. They are sometimes posted on a treadmill or elliptical themselves, describing the “fat-burning zone” as a low intensity area, where the heart rate is moderate, and determined according to age. Unfortunately, in real life, the body does not function so mechanically. While the body can burn calories from fat in this low zone, the numbers are so miniscule that no physical difference will ever come from it. High intensity workouts which burn 3-10 times more in a single session will lead to far more fat burned in the long-run.

Myth 3: “Cardio is hard on the joints”

While some people avoid cardio completely for fear of painful knees, hips, ankles or back, they may not realize how many forms of cardio exercise there really are. Not all cardio is high impact, though most of us thinking of running as the best cardio workout. Try alternatives like a light bike ride, learning a new dance a few times a week, or even swimming. All of these are fantastic cardio workouts, that are often left out. Cardio exercise simple requires for the heart rate to be elevated for a consistent period of time.

Myth 4: “Working out on the stairmaster will give you a bigger butt”

The stairmaster is very popular among women looking to lift, firm and maximize their behind! While the glutes are hard at work while on the stairmaster, the nature of the exercise just won't help to noticeably grow the muscle in size. They may become slightly more firm over time, but muscle volume cannot increase as a result of the type of muscle fibers being worked during this endurance exercise.
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