Question 1: If I start birth control during my period, will it stop my period the next day and until i take the placebo's again?

Question 2: Would anyone recommend seasonale/seasonique? What's the difference? Do birth control pills change your personality a lot? I never get PMS and I've had irregular periods since I was 15 when I first got it, so is it safe or should I find out if my irregular periods are caused by something else like fibroids or polycystic ovaries or something beforehand?

Question 3: I tested negative for HPV, but a pap 7 months ago revealed "atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance". Should I be worried that I have cancer? How fast does cancer develop? Would I have recognizable symptoms now that I have cancer? Could a yeast infection or BV have alter the test results?

Question 4: Reproductive problems run in my family, my mom had a lot of miscarriages and my sister has polycystic ovaries, and I'm worried that my menstrual issues are caused by some underlying reproductive issue too. Does health insurance usually cover the procedures necessary to find out if my reproductive system is okay? Would a gyn be able to notice things like that during a routine pap?

Question 5: I've been treated for bacterial vaginosis before and I found out online that it has a high percentage rate for relapse, as in I can get it again. The first time I was treated for it, I had noticed a different smell in my urine and now I've noticed the same smell. This has been going on for months and I know its supposed to get worse over time. The smell is my only symptom so far. Is my health in any serious danger if I don't get bacterial vaginosis treated? Is it a bad idea to continue having unprotected sex while I have BV (and don't lecture me, I know its bad to have unprotected sex at all, I just don't care), because I don't want my boyfriend to get sick? Is there anything over-the-counter I can take for BV?

Question 6: I hate my gyn, she never gives me the time of day to talk to her about anything, and I blame her for still having BV, but that's beside the point. I had an exam recently and she told me I have a little bit of yeast, but she didn't tell me what to do about it. I know there are gels or creams or something, but I really don't want to use those. Are there over the counter pills for yeast infections? Is that what monistat or something like that is?? I don't have any itching, but I've noticed thicker discharge which I think could be either the BV or the yeast... I have no idea.