well I've taken the time to read through some of these threads and I can relate with a lot of these peoples symptoms. at least I know it was when I wasn't smoking that was causing them but I just have a few questions to ask.

1.How long should I expect this sweating problem?
This is what is bothering me the most about it along with hot and cold flashes it makes me feel clammy I can hardly bare it. I have to wash my feet and hands often, it's just really uncomfortable. Also is it connected with nerves and anxiety?

2.When I smoke cigarettes it seems to intensify the symptoms. Why?

Since I have no appetite and feel nauseous I make myself throw up whatever liquid I've consumed and notice a lot of mucous. It just keeps coming. It's like it's sitting right in the back of my throat causing me to feel nauseous and when it's gone I can force myself to eat without throwing up.

These are the only things that are really making this hard for me, I'm happy but anxious and I know that will subside once my brain gets used to being sober again.

I was a heavy user smoking a bowl every hour for the past 2.5 years and just have gotten sick with the people who are attached with it in the area and the funds.

Any advice you can give on making these symptoms less bothersome will be appreciated.