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This is a first for me, posting about my pot experience /addiction. For the last few years I have been smoking some of the best pot available on a daily basis. I really enjoy smoking.......been doing it for over 30 years. I have only been a daily user at various times over those years until the past few years. I am what most people would judge as very successful in life. Married for over 25 yrs with 3 great kids. Owner of real estate properties with values in the millions. I quit smoking last week and I am here to tell ya.......withdrawal is real! I sit here with a a strange kind of headache and the strong feeling of nausea. I will stay the course and not give in to the marijuana withdrawal symptoms. I do not like to think that I will never some it again but I will not fall into the habit of daily use. Not sure why I posted this other than to share..........carry on.


May not be physically addicting but it definitely is mentally!! I've been tryin to quit for years now. Longest I went was 22 days and then my birthday came up and I messed up. When I first quit Id through major mood swings like from being happy to totally depressed. Every time I have a bunch of free time I just want to role a fat blunt an take my energy away. It's like I don't care as much when I'm high it's kinds like "whatever" but at the same time I get bad social anxiety and won't answer phone calls or anything. I really wish I never started but I have faith one day I will be able to quit.


This time is alot harder to quit then last time. I started back up after being clean for about four (4) years and then I started back up again after a death in the family and I thought that pot would help with all the feelings that I was going through. I just realized that I needed to go through all that to grow up and live a better life, not supress the feelings. And that helped me into more problems. I have now been smoking for about two(2) years and this time seems harder then the last time. And I really hate the withdrawls-the sleepness nights, the sweats at night, getting headaches, strange feeling in my arms and hands, and feeling nausea in the morning. I know that all this is not in my head for say. But deep down I know this is all worth it because I have a new grandchild on the way and I want to be there for them.
So to all that quit and make it "Great Work" and to those who are trying "You made the right choice and be proud of yourself, for this is the first day of being free of a bad drug!" DONT GIVE UP CAUSE I AM NOT GOING TOO! :)


I don't know if the people who wrote these posts will ever read this, but I want to say first to the person who said pot has no physically addictive aspects - you are a m***n who has probably never stopped smoking long enough to figure out that there are very real withdrawal symptoms. No you will not die from DT's, but there are PHYSICAL side effects to quitting pot. Secondly, I want to say thank you to the people who have posted about their struggle. I have been smoking weed pretty much every day (often several times a day) for over 10 years. There have been several occasions where I have quit for months at a time when I've felt it was becoming too much of a crutch. This is one of those times, but it's really hard because I am unemployed right now so lots of time and all my friends smoke pot and that is our main social activity. Anyway back to the withdrawal symptoms - it's impossible to fall asleep, everything I eat makes me feel nauseous, I have been sweating profusely at night but when I kick off the covers, I'm cold again. I didn't even associate the night sweats with pot withdrawal until I read these posts. Anyway just reading the posts here has made me feel better. Everyone acts like pot is harmless, but it zaps your energy like no other and it makes you content to sit on your ass all day. I'm done being content.


I am really sorry to all that suffer.

:-( It is a FACT that in the aspect of the scientific community that they question if someone can be addicted to marijuana. The study that they have done was in resent years. Because short term users more often than not do not show with any type of withdrawal symptoms. The scientific community do not know if their is enough significant symptoms to classify this as an addiction tool. But more are realizing that the study on non pot smokers given marijuana in the study showed very weak. The smarter members of the scientific community did a study on long term habitual users and have found yes it is true you can withdraw from it. o.O

So, I am here to let you know yes it is true Withdrawal causes significant symptoms. It is not your mental addiction and only the mental addiction. They do know that for long habitual users YOU CAN INDEED HAVE withdraw symptoms. It is amazing to me that people who have no knowledge or study in the field would try to even comment. Their lack of education in this area is riveting and this topic has been very controversial.

For anyone that already has an underlying problem (very often unknown to them) the "CHEMICAL" agent" does in fact jar your mind. IT does have an addictive agent in it. Marijuana smokers in treatment suggest that marijuana, just like other drugs of addiction experience withdrawal symptoms of many types. They closet thing to compare it to at the moment would be a smoker the addiction to tobacco has proved that the withdraws. one is the craving. Post has been more document in these areas.

Withdraw from Marijuana for long term habitual users are as fallows and not limited to just one and some may have more.
anger >:(
craving for marijuana :O
lack of appetite %-)
depressed mood :'(
mood swings >;)
physical tension
increased aggression/ anger
strange dreams

the habitual users agree the hard hitting are
the headaches :-(
restlessness XD
upset stomach :$
vomiting :-P
and yes the shakes XD

This is depending upon the years of use in your own system. People show withdraw in many different ways your body is your body that is why their is such a long list of effects from quitting the "HABBIT"Practice to take a break from marijuana for abut a month or so to know what some of your symptoms may be so you. So if and when it does happen you can be more apt to identify your self what you personally encountered. With very few remedies that really work for you.

If you find it harder to stop than you thought change your daily patterns
write in a journal will help allot
taking walks
riding a bike
always remind your self to think positive
listen to music that sooths you
set your goals to achieve

Some do not have any noticeable signs. But it is a FACT that long term users do have withdrawal and it is very real. People would love to thing that it is harmless and nothing wrong with it. You control the habit the habit doesn't control you. LIES.. They use to say babies don't feel pain too.

Many "real" clinics are all to familiar with dealing with with this type of addiction. Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal appear in serious habitual users such as your self and some of the other comments made. The first 8 hours of withdrawal are the most noticeable. during the first ten days, they may last as long as 45 days. Going into a sauna will help sweat out the chemicals in your system as well. So pamper your self. :-D

The emotional distress and behavior can be very hard to deal with some more than others. :-S You will always crave. o.O Just like the passing of a good friend you are numb but it starts to sink in and you realize how much you miss them. The walk is long and hard. One year is the recommended amount of time you should take before you make any life changing decisions. Or even get into any type of relation ship. Just because the physical dependence diminishes. The emotional side lingers for a long time. To know that these are signs are a sure far way to pin point why your emotions are sporadic at best.

You have now stopped but you have a road of healing to do. I could explain more but I do not think this would be allowed. I wish you the best. Recognize the feelings you have before those moods and you will be able to say.. oh their is that feeling..and imaging stop sign before you talk with others or expose them to your sporadic moods. They will be up and down such as.. :-D :-( :-) :'( o.O %-) XD 8-| :-( :-D 8-| >;) :-( :$ XD :-S :-S :-S :-D :-S :$ :-( :'( When this is said and done and you control these emotions.. You will feel back to your self the self you lost.. along time will be 8) If you have other addiction s you want to stop. Take your self away from the people who do.. Remove from the people places and things that you have had. People who still do the drug will taunt you. The respect your decision but will always ask.. are you sure.. here..just beware. Having just one negative thought can trigger any withdraw symptom listed at the top of the page.
to quite comes from the person with in. People will still say .. don't blame the addiction because of the way it effected you.. Its your own fault you didn't smoke it responsibly. Hummm REALLY..

Get the Straight FActs..

I wish you the very best.
Good Luck in breaking the barriers. You can do this!!
Blessings to you and yours


I'm so glad to have found this post. I have been smoking every day for the past 6 years and tomorrow will be a week since I haven't touched pot. Oh my god, the sweating at night is what really gets me! I got drunk to fall asleep the first two nights, then I figured I better stop doing that too, becoming an alcoholic would be way worse than being a pothead :-) My first night sober I could not fall asleep at all, and this whole week I've been a mess. During the day it feels like I've been doing cocaine, and I get much stronger cravings for cigarettes now. But I can't quit both at the same time, that would be impossible. I quit smoking so that I can study for a big test and I'm so glad I have use for all the free time, it really helps! Good luck to everyone going through this, and screw you people who say there's no withdrawals. THERE ARE!!


Guest wrote:

Cannabis has no physical addiction, sorry.

Sorry but who ever said Cannabis has no physical side effects, is very naive and obviously isnt or hasnt been addicted. I have smoked pot daily for the last 10 years or more and have recently decided to quit, aswell as the mental side effects such as cravings and anxiety, I have experiened hot flushes, sweating, tremors and a change in toilet habits aswell as loss of apetite, and if thats not physical well i dunno what is. These symptoms usually last about a week, i hope, and anyway I''m goin to stick with it!


I decided to stop smoking weed one day and found it impossible, then decided to take out all the factors that brought me back to having a joint and I haven't had a smoke in about 6 months, don't actually keep count just dont smoke at all.

So to the dude that first posted here if you never want to smoke again, eliminate all those ganja contacts from your life. You might be a hippy but do you really want your kids to become hippies?


Firstly to all those that think its all in the would you know if you never smoked it!!!

The withdrawl symtoms are very real!!!

I started smoking weed when I was 16 and afetr 3 weeks was smoking it pritty much every day. I am now 33 and decided to give up, well kind of forced because the price has alomost doubled in the last few months. I have wanted to quit for many years and have tried and failed many times in the past.

I first stopped about 2 weeks ago and kept my mind ocupied by work and studies. After a week most of the symtoms were gone but one stayed very real, the sweats!

My friend came round last weekend and rolled one up then said, "ow i should not have made this if you quit" What a great mate! Not!!! It is so easy just to smoke again after a week of not smoking whewn someone pulls it out. So I smoked that one with him and was high as a kite, I would normaly smoke 3-4 joints a day and 10-15 on weekends but a few hits of this blunt knocked me for 6. Anyway I decided that I realy cannot afford to smoke so am still on the recovery.

Its been 2 weeks since I first stopped but really only a week since i put THC in my body. The cravings have almost completely gone but one thing that has not is the sweats. I hate it! I keep waking up and my bed is wet, I feel like im over heating but take th covers of and start to shiver with cold. Also having the wierdest dreams! realy crazy thing like dreaming about school friends or people from my past, the dreams always seem to start nice like I got a brand new sports car or found a bag of cash and when everything seems just perfect thats when the dream goes wrong like I loose the money, crash the car and there is people running after me trying to kill me, just before they catch me this is where I wake up in a pool of sweat. I thought it was getting better as 2 nights ago i hardley woke up once and in the morning the bed was not that wet, but last night I had a few beers and it seems like the sweats are back and worse than the first time.

Thnks to all the peeps that posted on this subject, it makes me realise that I am not alone in the crazy things happening to me. To anyone who is thinking of stopping I say give it a go! you got everything to gain!

You should never try give up for the sake of others! thins just makes you want to do it when they are not around and is not realy quiting, it will also make you want to spend more time alone so that you can smoke. I tried to quit a few years ago because my girlfirend said she cannot handle me doing drugs anymore. So I gave it all I had but in the end I did not want to quit so we broke up because she found out i was smoking behind her back. We were planning to get married and still today she is the only women I loved.

I do feel good about myself for quiting and just hope that I never start again. I never want to put myself through what i am going through now ever again.

If you don't have any reason to quit smoking then don't it will just cause you lots of anger, emotional issues and sweats. If you do have a reason then just keep telling yourself these reasons, I repeat it in my head atleast three times a day just to keep it freash in the head why i dont want to smoke.

Good luck all!


No physical symptoms, I think not.
I have/had been a daily pot smoker for 20+ years, and gave up approximately 4 years ago.
I had terrible night sweats, was extremely irritable and moody, but more worryingly had severe headaches at the rear base of my head, which in the end actually caused a Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage (Brain Bleed in other words), and I spent 2 weeks in Hospital, 3 days of that in intensive care. I continued to have these headaches for the next six to eight weeks after, until I relented and did what my brain was constantly telling me to do, smoke it again, and yes the headaches miraculously disappeared.
This is definitely not the right way to go, but demonstrated to me that the headaches were connected to my pot use, and that it was going to take a lot of courage and will power to give it up again, knowing that I might have another brain bleed, and possibly put my life in jeopardy.
I told Doctors about my long term use, but they just fobbed me off, as if it wasn't an issue, including a neurologist, the were more interested in the fact that I had used "Ice" (Meth) twice previously in the preceding year.
This was the most frustrating part, that no one would listen to me when I told them that I believed the bleed was caused by giving up pot. They just seemed to laugh it off. It was extremely frustrating, I was crying out for help, but their ignorance was the most upsetting part.
It has taken me 4 years to finally have the courage to give it up again, and yes, the headaches are back, but this time I will ride out the storm and hope that I don't experience the same thing again.
I consider myself an intelligent person, but don't ever underestimate the power of the brain, even as I sit here 1 week after quitting again, all my thoughts are related to pot, and wanting to take the easy way out of my pain.
All I can say is, I won't be tempted to go back to it, even though my brain is doing everything in it's power to make me feel as though I need it.
So to the ignoramus who thinks there are no withdrawal symptoms, beware, there are, and they can be devastating, I know all too well.


I smoked skunk every day for over 10 years -usually from first thing in the morning till last thing at night. What started as a genuine pleasure brought out mental health issues whuch may or may not have been already dormant in me. I quit two years ago and feel so much more confident in my everyday life. I have has a few pulls over the last two years which have only proved to me I made the right decision as almost instantly I was transported to that alternative dimension which almost screwed my mind up. I experienced withdrawl symptoms but in truth the new found clarity helped me stay on course. If you want to stop just do it. Before you know it you will be used to it. Peace :-)


I have been smoking Cannabis for three years now i developed panic attacks due to it so i decided to quit.
i only got the attacks when i smoked greens. i was put on celexa for the depression i now have.
I am also experiencing weakness in my legs, ive been throwing up i cant keep anything down.
The celexa is a real bummer cuz it makes me feel even worse well it helps with the panic attack but ive been in a sweat all night and could not sleep a minute.
i quit for 4 days and smoked on the 5 some shake just to keep me sane it made it worse so i just threw everything away.
honestly this drug CANNABIS yea it is cool when your on it and it does make life and music more interesting but OH MY F***N GOSH.
i would have never started smoking if i knew this would happen to me.
the last time i quit i stopped for 4 days couldnt take it and smoked i pretty much did the same thing again like i said but this time the weakness is not going to get the best of me. i am going to get passed this.
i honestly think that cannabis is just as bad as any other kind of drug out their.
dont get me wrong it was fun for the 3 years but the third year panic attacks its not worth it people.
all of you people who say i am a p***y should actually try quitting yourself
i mean this is only 3 year use people!!! and all this happened.
again here is what i am feeling
nausea vomiting depression weakness in the legs and horrible dreams! when i do sleep.
the first 4 days i felt like i was losing my mind!
make yourself eat people if you throw it up eat some more and drink a lot of water you might wake up in a sweat but its better than being addicted for another year and shortening your life.
yea were all going to die but enjoy life first and cannabis is not one of the ways to do it.


No physical addiction, BS, like others mention, nausea, hot flush's, headaches (severe, should I get it checked out?) I've never had headaches in my life, constantly feel hungry but if I eat I feel sick, have to force feed myself, severe depression (to the point of suicide nearly) you think it's your life but as soon as you quit you notice you just feel better, and I'm afraid to fart lol. I tried quitting b4 but always cave, pot has basically been my life for about 15 years sunrise to sunset, the best I could find (use to sell pounds), I'm 5 days into quitting (I think you have to really want to) but all symptoms are still full blown, walk arnd going psycho, burning up feeling sick, just wanting that sweet sweet hit, but I honestly think I'm over it and all the c**p that comes with it (should have listened when I was told) I helped a friend get off heroin and it's about a million times worse, weed isn't that bad but it's addictive mentally and physically, if anyone else tells you otherwise don't listen, any addiction starts to own you. To all chronics trying to quit, good luck, go get your life back, or make one worth living =)


Okay it has been almost a month now and i just want to let everyone know i still have the same feelings about pot.
i can actually function now my music skills are 20 times better! i had really bad inflammation in my chest the first two weeks.
I felt like i was going to die and i had to constantly catch my breath i was in the ER three times had horrible dreams cold sweats anxiety depression and blah blah blah IT PASSES PEOPLE! believe me i honestly felt like i was dying. The Celexa or cetelapram made me feel like i was in a daze all day, i have no sex drive and developed worse depression, so i cut back on them ive been only taking them for 3 weeks now and i only took half cuz when i took a full 20 mg dose it made me feel like i wasnt living, i havent had any withdrawals and that was another concern of mine.
Listen people there is hope but you have to be stronger than your brain i know it sounds like a whole lot of BS and your probably asking yourself how you do that and its as simple as this you panic out and think of the inevitable you are going to get just that think positive stay positive dont let any doctor tell you you need to be on meds to be normal unless you have psychological problems.
and remember you are in control of yourself not some plant not some medication find someone you an express all your feelings to and you feel comfortable doing that and you will be fine!
like i said it has already been a month now and i feel GREAT!
i just read that last post and couldnt believe what i put GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND STAY POSITIVE!
dont get addicted to barbiturates such as xanax if you are prescribed that like i was only take it when u have a panic attack that is something you do not want to get addicted to the results are fetal when u quit i only took them when my heart was pounding at rest and had no withdrawals CELEXA IS A NO NO!!! stay off the c**p unless you are medically prescribed it!

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Ive been clean for two months. Havent experienced anything except some crazy ass dreams