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I have had some weird symptoms lately. I am not sexually active and I do not think I am pregnant. I am making sure that something couldnt have happened and I just have a few questions to help me figure out what I am experiencing..

First of all, when does your uterus enlarge and when do you notice it?
* I noticed some enlargement right after my missed period, but i do not think I am pregnant, what else is it?

Do you get bigger steadily? If you were bigger at one time it isnt pregnancy if you are smaller now, right?
* I havent gained weight and my symptoms do not suggest pregnancy, but I am just checking, I noticed enlargement quick and it seemed worse at times (like after a big meal), but it is not gettting worse now. Although it seemed that my lower abdomen is slightly bigger than when i first noticed it , why am i noticing enlargement?

Finally, can you feel that you are pregnant, even in the early stages? If yes, how so? Is your abdomen tender or can you feel the mass of the baby?
* My lower abdomen seems like it is swollen, it is almost like a bouncy or squishy feeling when you touch it. What causes this?


You probably have a hernia. You need to get to the dr right away.
This can cause a blockage, and you could have complications.
You don't feel a baby until at least 5 months of pregnancy.
Please go to dr right away.


 am  i  pregnet ?  my  period  will  continue  .   but  my  belly  is  pain  ,  please  help  me  doctor  sir  i  can  not  do  am  i  pregnent  ?  i am 24 old age unmarried girl .