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Im 16 and Ive been smoking weed daily for a month and some hash from time to time and only took 3 days break ( because of my tolerance )

I stopped just now because i realize that everytime I´m sober i dont have fun anymore , sometimes im VERY depressed , and i can never sleep if i didnt smoke a joint that night.

Why am i feel this? i cant never have fun when im sober , i get very depressed , but WHY???

My guesses were that i need to stop eating so much junk food and start going to the gym more cuz i havent been , i guessed this because i always thought that a body with no proper diet and exercise is a sad body , but is it true??

IS there a way i can continue smoking but not feel these withdrawal symptoms? Is it because im still in puberty and it affects my mood swings alot?

Why is it that my buds dont feel like this? does it have anythign to do that theyre older than me? ones almost 18 and ones 16 and a half

Do you guys feel like this when youre sober?

Please help me


hello im 18 yrs old.i've just recently smoked weed twice during the span of 3 days from wednesday of which the night i had a really bad reaction to it. the thursday all day i felt ok. friday at about 11 30 i started becoming panicky and had shortness of breath. later that night i woke up in a fright and my heart rate was unusally fast. the saturday i was a bit under as well with an above average heart rate but not as bad as the friday. Now today (sunday) i feel worst again than the saturday but not as bad as the friday with mild panic sessions and an increased heart rate. oh yea i also felt a bt light headed. I would like 2 kno if anyone has suffered/sufferin the same symptoms as me and how long can i expect it to go away thanks...

ps. im not smoking ever again