im 18 years old male i first smoked weed at 15 and i would smoke like 2-3 times a month till i got 16. Since then i started smoking weed more and more but i was fine and having fun. when i got 17 i would smoke 3-10 joints a day, few days it could be 15 joints. the problem is that when i started abusing the weed i would start to get a little paranoid, anxious and my personality changed when i was high. when i was sober i was fine not so paranoid and anxious but still i could tell that my mind is getting sick. i didnt stop smoking although cause i was somehow adicted mentally to weed. for 2 months i stopped smoking and took serotonin pills and i was at the best version of myself. but i started again and now my symptoms got worse. i have panic attacks ocd anxiety and my mind gets stuck in thoughts that dont exist ( that i will like this for the rest of my life for example). my question is : i have stopped weed for 1 week and i will not smoke again im positive, but will ever these symptoms get away? im still controllable, i go out with friend go to work and stuff but these symptoms are making more difficult for me to move on. so by stopping weed and not taking any psychiatric pills (i dont trust pills)  will i ever come back to my true self?  p.s i always had a little social anxiety but i dont mind to get it back and not to be like now