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i have been a user of cannabis for about 4yrs now, which started out as 1 small J at the night after an hectic in buisness!, i was fine no problems with my health, up untill 2yrs ago! with usual things that women go thru in there 40s!,i then started to take time out of work,to relax and that is wen my PROBLEMS started!!, i now smoke a hell of a lot a day!, the only time i dont smoke is wen i am asleep!, wake up av a tea and joint( WISHED IT WERE TEA AND TOAST!), my partner has never sed anything to me, up untill this morning, wen he questioned me how was i paying for habit? i had to come clean and tell him that i have been taking it from our biusnesses on a regulary bases! its now becoming a MAJOR PROBLEM, i have lost all my self confidence, i am on antidepresants, my doc dont know about my addiction!i make all exuses under the sun so that i dont have to go out because i know that i cant smoke it anywhere else only in my home or when out with the other half (EG car,van), i slowly goin brain dead, i need help please tell me what i wil go thru on the so called cold turkey? :'(, i spend a lot of time on my own am worried that i will not be able to cope with it on my own!!!!!!!, please help


I am young well 21 and recently stopped smking after expereincing thoughts I think are strange.

I smoked everyday for 5 years and I only now after being 2 weeks free from the weed have i realised that it caused me to wrap all my emotional problems into a bag and then forbget about them.

After quitting at first I thought I was losing my marbles, seriously the TV would be on I would see somthing that reminded me of that bad thought and suddenly I would feel liek crying like I had no control over it.

Its just not the case, life without weed is great but at first is very itimidating as the emotions will come back very strongat first.

Life was meant to be lived sober, I no longer have a desire to drink or smoke due to now feelign like I have control.

I am going to see a councillor still though as I feel like i owe that mucht o myself atleast to work througfh any emotional problems in the most productive context as possible.

The best thing I found was to completely change my routine, no more sitting with friedns playing games, no more watching uninsporiign c**p on Tv, try an detatch yourself from you comfort circle where you would normally smoke weed and replace it with somthing more positive.

What I found when I was feeling low or uneasy I would get on my bike and take it out on my body, somtimes even reently sahying to myself "I control my destiny".

Hope you make whatever the rigth decision is for you.



I would like to begin by stating that there is a CLEAR medical difference between DEPENDENCE, and ADDICTION. For instance, someone whom has ASTHMA, is DEPENDENT on albuterol; not ADDICTED to albuterol. Although, many people w/ asthma will in fact take money from those they know and other budgeted funds (such as business, etc) for their medication.
Second - ANYTHING [food, sex, sleep, chatting, heroine] can be MENTALLY ADDICTIVE. A mental addiction is where you convince yourself that you can't do without [whatever means]. That without it your life would be dificult or unbearable without [these means] and that they are the ONLY thing that works to make ones life bearable. -- OR -- That your life was far worse without [whatever means] or that you can not escape [whatever means] being in your life. That all the persons around you are consumed by [whatever means] and that to interact with these persons or carry on your life like normal you must continue to give into [whatever means].
{To respond to the first post; I do believe that you feel you can escape; those around you are not consumed by smoking pot [which BTW, is a social activity in most parts of the world not solitary]. I feel that you are firmly in the heart of the first part of MENTAL ADDITION, where you have convinced yourself that it is what makes your life bearable and stress free and therefore can not find yourself thinking of another way to absolve these feelings.}
I would like to continue by stating that DRUGS WORK. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE USE THEM, THEY WORK. People would not repeat use if the desired effect was not acquired. That being stated, I would like to also let you know that MANY medical tests have been done ON HUMANS and NO, MARIJUANA IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE like Cocaine, Opiates, SUGAR, CAFFEINE, etc.
PHYSICAL ADDICTION is classified as :: refers to a state resulting from habitual use of a drug, where negative physical withdrawal symptoms result from abrupt discontinuation.
:: Not from something you MERELY THINK about continuously after cessation.
I know that this opinion may not sound like a normal doctors; Well - I'm in Pharmacy. My knowledge is about DRUGS; their METABOLIZATION BY THE BODY; and the PHYSICAL EFFECTS THEREOF. I am also a political activist for the medical marijuana movement. I know a lot of persons that are advocates of the use of Marijuana think it is fine for all to use; I [on the other hand] feel that like caffeine is NOT for everyone, neither is Marijuana use. Some people can not help but become psychologically addicted to Marijuana due to its lack of harmful effects; readily available status; and lack of social consequences. However - YOU WILL NOT GO THROUGH PHYSICAL WITHDRAWALS FROM MARIJUANA IF YOU QUIT RIGHT NOW; UNLIKE COCAINE, HEROINE, OR CAFFEINE.
In closing I would like to again talk to the first post. You mention a great deal about your mental state; claiming total loss of self esteem, etc. I am not a therapist, but I would like to ask you some questions I want you to seriously think about - one woman to another - ... Could your lack of emotional security actually be steming from guilt; not from smoking the marijuana but from lying about your activities and life choices to someone you love and want to trust you? I have found in my own life that no one else [let alone anything else] makes you feel insecure; but in fact YOU make yourself insecure by the thoughts you entertain about such a topic, person, picture, or comment. It is very easy to feel a lack of self esteem when you, once a trustworthy, dignified, compassionate person now lies and does things behind the backs of those they love for personal satisfaction, despite how the other person may feel about your actions [IE. Stealing funds from the business]. I believe that whatever you need to remove from your life to correct your current situation is the route that needs to be persued. I would also like to let you know that I myself have been doing Marijuana for more than 12 years and have had no life altering changes from it. I do not lie to others because of it and my budget ALWAYS comes first. Its about management of a positive lifestyle no matter what that does or does not include for you. But as with cheeseburgers, meat and trips to Africa - To each his/her own - If it works for you DO IT - If it doesn't work for you; cut it from your life.