Please help.. I had a natural miscarriage At 8weeks on March 13th and stopped bleeding on the 29th March. I was experiencing light spotting since i fell on and led to miscarriage. Anyway I got my AF April 22nd and finished bleeding on the 4th may. I had a scan on the 1st May to check everything was normal and there wasn't any major concerns. The sonographer asked me to do a preg test to rule out an eptopic preg due to her seeing a blood vessle in my tube. The test was Neg. Today 6th May I experienced mild cramping and light pink discharge when I wiped, I have had increased clear discharge since the 4th of May where I have had to wear a panti liner. I went to the toilet later this afternoon to find the blood got brighter but not real blood. Then slowly went away. I have also had a few specks of blood when I wipe. I am confused as I think I may be pregnant again as I am having some symptoms of pregnancy, needing to pee more, head aches, mild Nausea, fatigue etc. I have done an ovulation test today and yesterday both showing neg so it can't be ovulation. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, if I am pregnant when should I take a test? Me and OH have been TTC ever since we lost our angel and we would be over the moon to learn we have conceived. Can this be possible. Fyi I got a BFN today.. So confused.