I am a 41 year old male experiencing mild abdominal discomfort. This seems to be on my left side in the lower abdomen. About 2 weeks ago after a softball game, I experienced lower back soreness, which was to be expected, and some upper body discomfort from swinging the bat, which was to be expected. The upper body soreness went away, and the lower back pain has been reduced to mild discomfort. (I have a toddler who is almost 2, and an infant who is almost 6 months. I believe the constant lifting of the kids into and out of cribs, etc. has led to my lower back soreness. Also, my wife and I removed our boxspring from our bed, and now sleep on just a mattress. This is to help my wife's shoulder/neck/back discomfort, and to provide safety for the infant who sleeps with us, so she doesn't get hurt falling off the mattress.) So this probably is contributing to my lower back stiffness.

The discomfort has now seemingly settled in the lower abdomen area (I don't think it is in the stomach, but could be affecting the bowels.) I have been taking Benefiber to help with BM's for about a week and a half. This is keeping me regular, but the mild discomfort (sort of a dull, acidy, burning sensation) is still there, not too painful, but a nuisance. I had similar symptoms about 6 months ago. My doctor sent me for bloodwork, which came back fine. Also, I had blood work for life insurance purposes about 4 months ago, again with no issues. The problem seemed to take care of itself, and I didn't feel anything until about 2 weeks ago. So I am hoping to ride this out for a few days and hope it passes.

1. Does anyone have suggestions on what it could be, and how to make the discomfort go away?
2. How long should I wait before seeing the doctor? Obviously, I don't want to take any chances, if there is a serious issue, but I don't want to go back if the issue is minor and will pass on its own again. I would like to give it a few more days to clear up. I am generally very healthy. My energy level and appetite seem ok, and I don't believe my weight has changed.

Thank you for any advice!