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I had a colonoscopy which showed a pre-cancerous polyp. (about 2 months ago). After that procedure I started having stomach discomfort. The Surgeon said it would probably take care of itself. After I complained further he did give me a CAT scan which showed nothing. It seemed that things did get better for awhile but then I did have some gas-related problems (below breast bone), and I also had discomfort in a different spot each day. (Upper abodmen, one side or the other, lower abdomen, pelvic area, etc.)I went to my GP and he gave me a prescription (similar to prilosec). He wasn't too concerned, because of the CAT scan, about my lower stomach and pelvic area discomfort. I am still concerned about the lower stomach/pelvic area discomfort that I'm having, and wonder if this could also be related to gas? Any thoughts on this? Thanks!



This is Mike from Chicago. I have same as yours. I have hard small lump on left central in the abdomen. I pooop and its looks funny like square shape and some mucus, but look brown.

I have discomfort/pain when I drink coffee or spicy foods.

I have a pain/discomfort on my right shoulder/arm.

I sometimes imagine of myself to be dying of cancer (disagnosis because of many tests "normal", but I knew soemthing is wrong. I do not want to end up having 4 stage cancers. Most cancers are invisable to any types of tests such as Ultrasound, MRI, or others. They can detect through surgery or biospy of where pains or discomforts of areas are.

I lose a few pounds weigh for no reasons. I do not exercise. I do eat vegetable of raw because it helps me to reduce symbols as half.

I am 31 years old.

What about yours?

Have you thought of dying of cancer?

Deaf Mike