Hey. I'm posting here because I'm some what desperate for advice. I'm also a little angry with all the doctors that I've seen about this. I'm just prefacing my post with this.

So about 6 months ago (Since mid August of 2013), I started having abdominal pains on my left side. Just one evening, they started. They were very sharp at first. After about a week with them, I decided to go to the doctor and get them checked out.

They ordered an Ultrasound, so I had that done, and they concluded that I had an enlarged spleen... possibly from mono. As it turned out, I tested positive for the EBV from a blood test. Not the best of news, but definitely something I was happier to hear. I didn't have ANY other mono symptoms other than these abdominal pains. (I'd say I felt "weaker", but I was never fatigued and had to sleep all day or anything like that). These pains were also not localized. Sometimes they'd shoot to the right, sometimes the lower back, the left side (spleen area), sometimes the lower mid of my abdomen -- just all over the place. I asked my doctor how an enlarged spleen could cause right side pains, but she'd always evade the question. It really angered me.

Well, I took care of myself, and still had the pains 5 months later. So I went back to the doctor, and they didn't know what to tell me. I demanded at least another EBV test, and it came back negative.

They said that I showed "resolution of mono." So I took that as, I don't have mono any more. So they ordered another Ultrasound. I got the ultrasound done again, and they found nothing once again. They said that I was health, except that I still had a minor enlarged spleen.

My blood tests came back healthy, and here I am 6 months later still with the pains. Sometimes they're okay. Sometimes they're bad. It's really a hit or miss.

I was doing great for like a week, with either very very dull pains or no pains at all. But about 4 days ago, they came again again (pretty badly this time). They weren't as sharp as when I first had them, but I definitely notice them. They never cause me to heel over or anything (if I had to rate it, maybe a 3/10 on a pain scale).

This morning, I woke up and my right pectoral was really sore with these pains. It's the same pain that I get throughout my body. They're still all over the place. Sometimes they're my upper right side, sometimes they're my lower back, my right boob... you get the picture. They're all over the place. If it's anything, they don't feel as "internal" as they first did. If I rub the area where the pains are, they do go away and it is soothing...

I also just generally feel weaker since I got the pains. I thought it could've been mono, but now that I'm over mono, I still feel weaker.

Any ideas? Am I still maybe recovering from mono? Is it something else I should be worried about? I'm at a loss. My doctor said she has no clue what it could be. I don't know where to go from here. Should I wait it out? Be more proactive about the situation? It does overall worry me.