So, i had been feeling nauseated after I ate for over 2 months. It become more server when I was feeling nauseated 24/7 and had cramping when I ate acidy foods or drinks. I felt better after I had released gas, but felt that there was still a lot more in there so basically bloating I suppose. I went to my doctor last week and given my symptoms she thinks that I have acid reflux, because after I'd get sick from eating acidy food I'd take an acid reducer and it helped me feel better. I still feel sick, but now in a different way. It feels like constant pressure on my middle abdomen. My doctor said if the acid pills aren't helping within a week to call back for a follow up and I can get blood work done. I ate a lot of acidy foods and drank orange juice today and felt just fine a little gassy but thats all. I don't know what this could be. She said it could also be Irritable bowl syndrome. Maybe it is that but I am not sure. Any guesses?  I also have been having softer stools and before that it was very much so constipated. I am 16 years old, if that helps. I still do feel a little nauseated from time to time.