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My symptoms are kinda hard to describe. I had hpv for about a year, and Chlamydia twice back to back. I had a colposcopy about a month ago & everything came back fine- I have a healthy cervix. However since those infections my vagina has never returned back to "normal". Its more of discomfort than pain, in my vagina- I feel bloated constantly. The discomfort starts in my lower stomach (like on top my vagina). I recently had nausea for about 3 weeks- that went away though, could have been something I ate. .. Does anyone know what's going on?


Hello Kaykaykay,

Your abdominal pressure sounds like it is in the intestine and specifically the large intestine or colon.  My guess is that you took some medications for your infections and that disturbed you natural flora.  Antibiotics kill good bacteria in the gut.  At this point, you are not able to absorb minerals and water very well causing gas accumulation from bad bacteria making you feel bloated.  Try eating some yogurt every day and you can take probiotics as well.  The probiotics will replace your good bacteria and so will the yogurt.  Also have some milk that has probiotics as well.  See if this doesn't decrease gas production and bloating.