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I have spent my whole afternoon reading topic after topic attempting to determine what is going on with my body. Background: I recently started birth control a month ago, I'm actually on the second pack about to finish. I have been taking it at irregular times of the day when I remember it.

I was sexually active before all of this happened. There has been a light discharge. As if I think my period is going to start feeling and I go to the bathroom and it's not that at all. It's usually a brown discharge that appears on the underwear. It smells really strong. I have been wearing pantyliners for about a week in anticipation when my real period comes that it will set my hormones straight. I started wearing light tampons because the smell is really strong. I feel really paranoid that other people might smell it and think I have serious hygiene issues.

I think I should make an appointment ASAP to the gyno, but I'm somewhat hesitant until I have some background to what I should be expecting.


are you ok? had brown dischard for a wee while now 2 or 3 days after my period a wee bit of discomfort but not much too scared to do anything about it