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I've done a lot of research on this topic and I can not seem to find an answer. I figured I'm not comfortable enough to speak to my friends and family about this so I would give this website a shot.

On a daily basis I have incredible amounts of discharge. It's always clear and sometime white and cloudy. There is never any smell, and never color. It's also never itchy or red. Every day about twice a day I have discharge I can feel leaving my body. The amount that comes out is so much I almost have to change my underwear. My pants always have wet spots and I'm stuck wearing black pants to work daily because of my problem. It gets so bad, I sometime have to change my pants as well. What is going on here? Yeast infections itch, sometimes odor, and have color; I don't have any of these symptoms. I have so much discharge I change my underwear almost 2-3 times a day. Any ideas?


i use to have that problem when i was younger and my GYN told me it was by vagina lubracating itself. mine would look like snot and i could grab it and pull it out in one strand. sometimes it was clear and sometimes it was cloudy. i mainly noticed it when i would get excited about something. my endorphines would kick in and i could then feel my panties getting wet from all the excitement. like guys have pre cum and so do girls and that sounds like what it is too me.