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is there ANY possible way i can get an abortion without parental consent? is there any in indianapolis, indiana? ive searched on the internet for some but i cant seem to find any. please help!!!!!!!!


It depends on where you live. Some states have laws that require parental consent - others do not.

In the states where parental consent is required it is quite easy to get a "bypass" from the courts which will make access to AB without parental consent possible. It is as easy as going to your local Planned Parenthood (there info is online -they have a website - so look it up and give your local chapter a call) and asking them for advice. They will most likley have you meet with a counsoler who will explain to you your options before anything else.

If you are having an AB because you are afraid your parents will not accept you or will disown you - please don't base your entire decision off of that (if you might want the baby) alone. The decision to abortion should be made based on what YOU think is best for yourself and your fetus - not based on the emotions of a third party. Many young girls get abortions (when they really don't want them) out of fear - and find out years later that thier parents would have accepted them and helped them raise a baby - if only they had known. I am just saying. Think through your options. If abortion is the right choice for you - then you should get one - weather or not your parents approve - but you should think through your options as this choice could effect you in ways greater then you know.