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Hi, I have an important question. I'm from Virginia and my 17 year old sister just found out she is pregnant but we cannot tell our parents. I am 20 years old and even though we both still live with our parents could I vouch for her to get an abortion without a judiciary bypass? 


Hi Lou,

Check with a lawyer but it is unlikely.  You are not her parent and VA requires parental consent.

She can try for a judicial bypass.

Telling your parents is the best option here Lou.  She can really use their support before and after the abortion.  In addition, if they find out that you both went behind them, which is very likely, it could put a significant strain on your relationship. 

Who's paying for the procedure - and follow up visit too?

Support your sister but encourage her to talk to mom and dad.

Remember too, if she does decide on the abortion she needs to do it sooner than later.

Good luck.




Honestly, telling your parents would be the best idea. Sometimes parents can be understanding in these situations and they'll do the best they can to help your sister (unless they are abusive, in that case it would be best if you and your sister got away from your parents. If you contact Child Help, they could help you get away. But this is like only if they are abusive. I'm sure both your parents are lovely!) Anyways, about abortion, it's not the best option for your sister. Sometimes, after a procedure, a woman will regret it and this could cause her to feel depressed or emotionally numb (if you look up Post Abortion Syndrome, you'll learn more about what a woman could experience after an abortion.) Instead, go see your local crisis pregnancy center or pregnancy help center for advice. They provide free ultra sounds and they have councilors your sister can talk to about her options and they can help her find one that works for her. Good luck!