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I'm female, 19 years old, and I started getting a really bad ache in my knuckles, wrist and elbow, and then it got worse, and my whole left arm started to ache. Then it moved into my shoulder and the top of my back, then into my neck, and now its in the left side of my chest and what feels like my ribs. My chest and ribs especially hurt when I take a deep breath in, but still hurt when ever I move about, or just sit up, especially my arm and shoulder. The only time I am comfortable is when I'm lying on my right side, with my arm tucked up to my chest. Sometimes it feels like my arm is throbbing, and my ribs feel so sore. I don't do much physical exercise and I don't smoke.


I had something similar last winter, horrible knuckle pain that started in one hand than spread to other, mostly throbbing pain. I was really worried it was arthritis or something even though I'm 22. My doc didn't really have a clue, just gave me ibuprofen and some vitamins or minerals for bones. This is not much help, I know, but you should see a doctor, since its spreading to your arm and chest better not to wait. Sounds like inflammation of some sort, when I searched for my problem, that was the most common cause for that throbbing kind of pain.