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I have had this before and wonder if anyone else has had it


I am a 49 year old lady not unfit ok

dont smoke, dont drink, ok i do eat some choclate

size 8


i sometimes get aches and pains like we all do


but sometimes get a right shoulder blade ache that lasts a few days and then get a sharp pain in my bony bit of my chest, worse when you breath in, this does not last long though


wonder what others feel about this


any feedback would be good

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thank you




Dear Sunshine

I would suggest contacting your GP or even Physio Dept of the Hospital.

It could simply be muscle strain (are you right-handed?). After what activity do you first notice it? TT racing maybe or eating a very large bar of chocolate ;-)? You "sometimes get a right shoulder blade ache". Is that in the scapula (blade) or in the muscle around it. It could be rotor muscle strain or tension.

However you say I "then get a sharp pain in my bony bit of my chest". Does that always follow the "shoulder blade ache"? It could be osteochondritis - inflammation of bony tissue that results from an injury, tear or detachment to the cartilage portion of a joint. Although it is most often found in the knee, sometimes the connective surfaces between the sternum (breastbone) and the ribs, or in the spinal column can become damaged due to this inflammation.

Hope this helps a bit



Thank you for this

you obviously noticed i was from the IOM with TT comments

bye for now