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I have been having shortness of breath,chest pain and tightness,and heart palpitations for 3 months.I was diagnosed with mild asthma in 2006.A few weeks ago I took an EKG,Blood work,Stress Test,echocardiogram,all of which came back normal.But my symptoms are still the same.I can't work out due to the shortness of breath I feel during exertion.That feeling you get when you're working out,you feel out of breath,and then you catch your breath,and gradually your breathing goes back to how it was feeling before you started working out.I feel like I am somewhere in between when you start to catch your breath,and when you start to feel the way you were feeling before you began working out.Thats the way I feel all the time.And it doesn't take much exertion for me to feel short of breath again,and also for it to feel like my heart is beating faster than normal.I was having sex with my wife and I had to stop because it felt like my heart was beating so fast and I felt so short of breath.I took a pro air inhaler three times,and it hasn't helped.Should I take an angiogram?Does anybody know what could be wrong with me?


Hello, Phillip3000.  So you haven't been to a pulmonary specialist for a while?  I think that perhaps it is time to have your lung function assessed.  The tests you had done have ruled out any heart issues.  Maybe you have something with your lungs that has been overlooked.  You may not be getting the gas exchanges in your lungs that need to occur.  Your heart is beating fast on exertion because it's trying to get oxygen to the cells but it isn't getting it.  Your inhaler is not effective anymore for your asthma.  You should see your doctor and get a referral to a specialist.

Has anyone else have any problems with chest pain and shortness of breath upon exertion?  What was it and how was it treated?