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hi, i am 13 yrs old female. Not long ago, about 4 days, after dance practice the middle of my chest started to hurt. I remembered that it happened right after i finished doing 'bridge', meaning i bended my body backwards until i touched the floor. Ive been doing thie strethcing 3 times a week. Sometimes, i cannot breathe properly but can still breathe. My pulse rate is 85 which my parents think is pretty high. Sometimes, I can even feel my heartbeat at my stomach. I have been to the doctor but she said i may have strained my chest muscle and said i should not have any cancer at such a young age. Sometimes, my neck hurts a little too.

pls help...really worried...thx


I tend to agree with your doctor. Costochondritis is a condition where the joints between the sternum and ribs become inflammed to give you mid-chest pain. I don't know if this is indeed what you have. But you can reduce the chances of your pain recurring by strengthening your chest muscles with push-up exercises. Your resting pulse rate of 85 bpm is still within normal range. Women usually have a pulse rate that is higher than in men. The fact that you could feel your hearbeat at your stomach and that your neck hurt may simply mean that you are physically out of shape. I suggest including some cardio and resistance exercises as parts of your daily workout routine.