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I had my parathyroidectomy 2 days ago with no problems, just 1 gland. Today I feel hungover and my legs are very achy like I've been running. Is this normal? Anybody else experience this? I am a 35 yo female taking 3000 of calcium and 4000 vitamin d daily


I had achy legs for a week or two after the surgery. Then it just went away all by itself. I guess the other parathyroid glands had been asleep and finally "woke up."

It's caused by low calcium. I found this out when I was talking to my friend who'd had low calcium due to pregnancy. Basically your muscles are on the verge of cramping all the time because of the low c, and so they get tired out and ache like you've just run a marathon. I never figured out why it was just my legs, but maybe it's because the muscles are bigger. Pre-surgery I was also getting a lot of bone pain in my legs so that might have something to do with it.

When I had leg pain after surgery I was taking about 30 calcium pills a day. The worst part was when I woke up at night and had to take more, my legs would ache terribly. It's like my bones sucked away all the calcium as soon as I could put it in me :-D