Hundred Millions of people world wide suffer from headaches and migraines daily. Alone in USA there’s more then 10 millions migraine sufferers.

This study comes from team of headache specialists led by Stephen D. Silberstein, director of the headache center at Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson University. The latest statistics has been presented at this week's meeting of the American Headache Society.

The Philadelphia’s TJ University team researched a lot and surveyed almost 150.000 U.S. households about their families' headache pain. Nearly 50% of households responded to this Prevalence and Prevention survey.

The final result showed following:

12% of Americans report headache symptoms that qualify as migraine headaches. More than half of them, have frequent enough migraines to qualify for migraine-preventing medicines. Yet relatively few use these drugs.

The advice for all people with frequent migraines is to stop it before it starts, and this means to use medicines that stop the attack.